Alessandro Staderini

When you think coffee, you immediately think of Italy and espresso, of that aroma that greets you in the morning and gives you a boost of energy throughout the day. Caffè Italiano and Flò bring to the Mercato Centrale Firenze an exclusive blend with a unique taste and aroma. In Italy, coffee can be a delicate subject. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, a pleasant way to split up the day or at the end of a meal, the aroma, taste and richness of coffee are the daily essentials that no one wants to give up. The Caffè Italiano blend served at the Mercato Centrale has a full body that makes it easy to recognize the elegance of the beans’ provenance. This smooth blend wins over the whole palate, from the sweetness of caramel to hints of cacao, floral aromas and nuances of hazelnut. Caffè Italiano and Flò await you at the Mercato Centrale Firenze with an aroma that reflects the quality and hospitality of the locale and its people. It is rich, expressive and pleasurable, whether tasted at the counter, at the table or you take it home with you.

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