Angelo e Emanuele Campomaggiore

Angelo and Emanuele Campomaggiore’s buffalo mozzarella could just as well be called homemade. The buffaloes live in an optimum environment, and great attention is given to every aspect of their lives, especially the forage. The welfare of the animals is the first step in ensuring a high-quality product with a unique textureand a flavour that’s difficult to describe. The cows are milked at the dairy farm and the milk is processed within 24 hours, so that the freshness and fragrance of the grazed herbs is not lost. The curd made in-house by Angelo and Emanuele Campomaggiore travels overnight, completing its maturation cycle before arriving at the Mercato Centrale Firenze to be handed and portioned on the spot, on demand, with a skill only an artisan in love with their work can possess. A buffalo mozzarella to bite into with gusto, to sink your teeth into in delight, to taste a piece of Campania courtesy of Angelo and Emanuele Campomaggiore, between sun and lush fields.

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