Cristian Beduschi

It’s the food of the gods, when true artisans prepare it. Cristian Beduschi’s chocolate is the result of infinite care and attention. No gluten and no GMOs. The first major step is taken with the selection of raw materials, not only those in the chocolate, but the fruit and other ingredients used in the gelato, bassinati (truffles) and jams too. Cristian Beduschi prefers zero food mile ingredients and organic farming, selecting a variety of niche, rare and precious producers. The quality is high in all the products from the blocks, available in several versions from the more pure black to the gentler white to the dried fruit covered in dark and milk chocolate to the freshest gelato without artificial flavourings and the standout Sette Veli, a luscious ice cream cake that brought Cristian Beduschi, Luigi Biasetto and Gianluca Mannari victory at the 1997 World Pastry Cup. The best ingredients and great commitment for a moment of sweetness that is truly unforgettable.

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