Donato Scardi

Donato Scardi comes from a family – and a company – that’s been in the restaurant business since 1934. In the foodie world, attention to detail and passion are fundamental, and they’re given even more importance where sushi is concerned. Food safety and quality are in line with the strictest standards. Providing a product of excellent quality at a fair price is Donato Scardi’s primary objective, and he puts forth a Km 0 product that respects Japanese tradition, made using traditional ingredients such as Nori and Kombu algae, soy sauce, original wasabi, pink ginger and tataki sauce. Of course, raw materials from Italy are also used: orata fish, Mediterranean tuna, blue lobster, Sardinian lobster, Piedmont trout caviar, greater amberjack, spiny crab, Cetara anchovies – all products from our seas, mixed with products from our cultures, such as Sicilian zucchini, San Marzano tomatoes and countryside items such as arugula from Le Murge, borage and chard. These products arrive at the Mercato Centrale and then become futomaki, gunkansushi, hosomaki, nigiri and uramaki – even in vegetarian renditions.

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