Enrico Carretta

From Bocconi University to bocconcini of mozzarella: that’s how you could summarise the story of Enrico Carretta. Enrico is a true artisan who has decided to follow his passion and launched into processing milk and producing mozzarella, and finally became a cheese maker. There are a few simple rules: an excellent raw material – milk processed and supplied by a single breeder from Lodi – and a process that follows tradition. Every day, the curd comes to the Mercato Centrale and is spun and divided into braids, knots, bocconcini: warm and fresh, ready to eat.

Only natural raw materials and more than twenty years of experience matter: At the Centro della mozzarella di Enrico Carretta, milk from the neighbouring farms is processed according to the ancient traditions of cheese masters who were taught the ancient peasant traditions of Lucania and Apulia. Each step of the process is monitored in a scrupulous way. From coagulation with bovine rennet to spinning in salted hot water to shaping and cutting. For Enrico Carretta, the strength of his mozzarella is in the simplicity and preciousness of knowledge. Only a true artisan can work three simple ingredients – milk, rennet and salt – to make a unique, good and special product. Time is the element that makes the difference, together with the passion and the will to never be satisfied and strive to always improve. And so the freshly made curd goes directly to Florence’s Mercato Centrale to be worked on sight, using ancient practices that continue to surprise and enchant with a flavour that conquers.

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