Fabrizio Bodini

Fabrizio Bodini comes from a long line of restaurateurs and since childhood has lived and breathed cuisine, respecting and continuously exploring the world of cooking. When it comes to choosing what subject to focus on, he has no doubt: the tramezzino. The first step, of course, is the bread, made with a recipe created especially by Amblè, using no lard and only natural yeast. Whether it’s the more classic varieties (white or multigrain), or the naturally coloured ones (spinach green, tomato red or sepia black), for Fabrizio Bodini bread is more than just a simple frame: it is a container that, with its own unique personality, must bring out the flavours of what’s within. The products he chooses are uniquely Italian and, where possible, all sourced locally—even the mayonnaise is prepared under Fabrizio Bodini’s supervision in three versions: classic, light and vegan. Along with the more traditional combinations he adds some original pairings and even soups, fresh juice, carpacci and salads. Yum!

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