Fausto Savigni

Quality and excellence are fundamental in Savigni’s eyes. That’s why they’ve chosen to regulate their entire production cycle from the reproduction of the animals on the farm to selling the meat at the counter. The pasture is not just wild: the animals graze in the WWF oasis of Dynamo Camp, a wooded and wild area of about 1,000 hectares with feed that is integrated – only when needed – from selected and organic sources. The mountain environment is a paradise of biodiversity, the food is healthy and varied, and the return is healthy and quality meats with a unique flavour. The Savigni production chain is short and guaranteed by the family’s experience. Generation after generation has opted to work the meat according to specific rules, which have driven them to choose good and rustic meat breeds with the right level of marbling – especially important when producing cold cuts. Savigni meat is Italian meat: good, healthy and perfect for everyday eating.

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