Franco Parola

The selection and ripening of cheese is a delicate craft that is not possible without a passion for territorial research. Franco Parola looks for small dairy farms that still work in the traditional way, using traditional recipes, with areas where the cheese is produced and ripened within unique microclimates and with a flora of microorganisms that are artificially irreproducible. The impact on the taste can sometimes be less hard hitting and more of a lingering, rich and complex aftertaste. Above all, Franco Parola prefers companies with a closed production cycle, where cheese is only made when there is fresh milk, following the natural course of the seasons. The pastors of these pastures are the heroes in Franco Parola’s eyes. He understands their sacrifices and recognises their valuable role as protectors of human principles for the preservation of a territory’s traditions. Quality and taste are the end result of work rooted in commitment, respect and tradition.

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