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Gaetano e Pasquale Torrente

It’s simply not true that all fried food tastes amazing. Frying is actually a delicate way of cooking that’s full of secrets. It’s an art form that has become a passion and a daily challenge for Gaetano e Pasquale Torrente. The Torrente family have brought their boundless experience to Mercato Centrale Firenze, expertise that has earned them recognition all over the world, from Cetara to Rome, in Istanbul and Dubai, and now in Florence. Pasquale – a visionary and vagabond by nature – never strays too far from a bottle of anchovy sauce, which reminds him of home and his roots, nor from the oil that he makes with Pasquale, 100% free from palm oil and enriched with natural antioxidants extracted from rosemary. Their store at the Mercato always smells of something new: from the pasta timbale, breaded and fried (also available in a cheese and pepper version: a rare delicacy) to meatballs, supplì made with Neapolitan ragu, left to boil for hours and hours, crispy fried pizza, calzone stuffed with seasonal specialties like malloni (potato, chilli pepper and broccoli treats), and more Florentine specialities such as fried tripe.

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