Stefano Callegari

When discussing pizza, our mouths start watering just thinking about tomatoes, mozzarella, soft and crispy dough. SUD, the pizzeria at Mercato Centrale Firenze, has an extra ingredient: the passion and know-how of Stefano Callegari. For starters, the flour: made with strong wheat, partially stone ground to maintain the wheat germ properties. Then, the beer yeast and traditional yeast, preserved through 11 generations. To top it off, the sea salt and olive oil, making the dough delightfully crispy and fragrant. Marinara, Margherita and Napoli pizzas arrive piping hot, the latter with unsalted Cantabrian anchovies,plus a spin on the Neapolitan theme: one set Roman option. It might be the pizza Carbonara, the pizza Saltimbocca (saltimbocca allaromana in pizza form) or the famous Cacio e Pepe. Finally, there are specials like the Greenwich, a tribute to England with Blue Stilton and port reduction.


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