La toraia di Enrico Lagorio

For more than 80 years La Toraia di Enrico Lagorio has been inseparable from Chianina, the most Tuscan breed of cattle and the source of authentic bistecca alla fiorentina. Over the years many things have changed, but the care taken in every step of production, starting from the feeding and choice of organic fodder, has remained the same. In the La Toraia di Enrico Lagorio store, Chianina is clearly the star of the show, and for good reason: Chianina meat, rustic, flavourful and with just the right degree of marbling fat, is made into burgers and wrapped into sandwiches breaded there in the shop. Left for a while to rise slowly, the bread is made from a mix of flours of purely Tuscan provenance. Alongside the burgers, La Toraia di Enrico Lagorio offers another classic street food, this time with a Tuscan twist: hot dogs made with Tuscan pork, raised in the hills of Rufina after months of free-range grazing. Paired with the meat are salads, grilled vegetables and onions, as well as fries made from real potatoes, peeled and diced the old-fashioned way. Quality and excellence never go out of style.

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