Lorenzo De’ Medici

It’s been 41 years since Carla and Fabrizio Guarducci started the Lorenzo de’ Medici project, giving to Florence one of its first schools specialized in teaching Italian language. Over the years, the courses on offer have grown to over 400, divided by thematic areas. Cuisine is, of course, an integral part of a country’s culture and couldn’t be missing from the curriculum. For Carla and Fabrizio Guarducci, the culinary world is one of the best ways to begin interacting with and immersing oneself into the social fabric of a country. The courses at Lorenzo de’ Medici teach not only recipes but also explore in-depth Mediterranean society: made up of customs and cultures as well as cuisines. The objective is to get the students to feel like active members of their host city, and to this end the Mercato Centrale is the perfect spot to satisfy one’s curiosity: even the artisans there can share their experiences, what’s really behind their products and tell their history. Then you go into Carla and Fabrizio Guarducci’s kitchen, alongside competent and creative teachers for a well-rounded experience.

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