Lorenzo Nigro

To visit Florence and not taste lampredotto would be a crime! Lorenzo Nigro’s version is prepared “a modino,” as they say in Florence. His is a tradition handed down three generations. It was his grandmother who shared her passion for a dish that belongs in the history books of Florentine cuisine, often eaten by the poor but delicious all the same. Lorenzo Nigro’s lampredotto is perfect in its simplicity, as it should be for street food. The supplier has remained the same for 15 years because when you create trust and fine-tune quality and passion, you share things with pleasure. The broth is made with herbs, slow cooked, and the sauces made in house – every family has its own recipe for salsa verde – the bread is crisp and ready to be dipped in the juices to make the sandwich even more appetizing. Along with lampredotto, we serve tripe (Florentine style) and various beef offal ready to be tasted at the Market or taken home and cooked: hooves, nose and nerve bits, to bring a taste of Florence to your table.

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