Since he was young, Luca Gardini’s passion has been the world of wine. He started at a very young age on a path that would lead him to the Associazione Italiana Sommelier at the Enoteca of Annie Feolde and Giorgio Pinchiorri. There he received the title of Chef Sommelier and in 2010 was declared the best sommelier in the world. But Luca Gardini hasn’t stopped there. He never tires of throwing himself into new adventures, especially when these adventures involve getting the general public more involved in all aspects of the world of wine. The courses (offered in Italian and in English) offer a simple approach to wine tasting. There are few rules, because for Luca Gardini wine tasting should be an ordinary activity and not remotely elitist. The target, which has been met, is to elicit curiosity and excitement, to expand knowledge and to establish a few clear requirements that allow for the easy identification of a good product—better still an Italian one. And the Mercato Centrale Firenze is without a doubt the ideal place to do so.

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