Luciano Savini

Luciano Savini was raised in a family where the smell of truffle was the smell of home. His father Zelindo had himself inherited this passion and capacity to find and delicately extract these treasures from the earth, over time making the town of Montanelli—still the headquarters for the Savini company—a small hub now famous for its truffle enthusiasts. Like father, like son: Luciano Savini initially got involved in the delivery business, even for the “waste” portions: truffles too small or partially damaged during the harvest. Luciano took matters into his own hands when he first decided to start selling these as delicious truffle products. It was a success that has continued ever since. To find Luciano Savini’s store, follow your nose: beyond the more classic truffle recipes (such as the fresh egg taglioni) there are many aromatic and delicious combinations to try, as well as numerous products to take home—to bring that prized aroma to every kitchen.

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