Marcella Bianchi

Marcella Bianchi carefully selects only seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown using environmentally friendly methods, ensuring fresh organic fruit and vegetables that are often produced in Tuscany. It’s a choice that not only favours the consumer, but also human health and respect for the environment, rather than polluting and depleting it. That’s why Marcella Bianchi focuses first and foremost on small producers who respect biodiversity and allow for the discovery (or rediscovery) of fruit and vegetables with an intense flavour, usually unavailable in stores. Even the more exotic fruit are Italian and cultivated in the warm Sicilian sun. Alongside the fresh produce, Marcella Bianchi offers a careful selection of dry goods, fruit juices, jams, honey and pasta. And if seeing this riot of colour and scents works up an appetite, you can order a number of tasty dishes designed for vegetarians and vegans, including salads, burgers without meat, smoothies and fresh and delicious sauces. Good and green can go together.

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