Raimondo Mendolia

Raimondo Mendolia is a master pasta maker. The title alone guarantees the quality of his fresh pasta. He has learned the fundamentals of this tradition: how to choose ingredients carefully and how to focus on making a very high quality product. The eggs, vegetables and other ingredients that he uses are all extremely fresh and exclusively Italian products. For the filled and flavoured pastas, Raimondo Mendolia chooses the organic method of production and keeps an eye out for PGI and PDO products, as well as Slow Food Association products. The olive oil is always extra virgin and Parmigiano Reggiano is always a key ingredient. The selection is truly vast: from the more traditional Emilian recipes—tagliatelle, tortellini, and tortelli—to bronze-die pasta and more creative recipes, such as fresh egg pasta flavoured with basil, which you can taste at the Mercato or enjoy at home. Two ingredients that are never missing are passion and high quality, distinctive marks of Raimondo Mendolia and his store.

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