Valerie Rugi

Frying is a passion and an art. For Valerie Rugi, everything began in her grandmother Gina’s kitchen: Gina taught her the different shades of culinary traditions, starting with Tuscan food, moving on to Campania cuisine and finally ending up in Zurich. These were sweet and savoury recipes with two things in common: frying techniques and deliciousness. Through the years, Valerie has refined and perfected this technique, and in her travels, she always takes her nonna’s recipes with her, respecting tradition and aiming to spice it up, focusing on health as well as curiosity and new tastes. The results are the specialties that Valerie brings to the Mercato Centrale Firenze: fried tripe, tripe meatballs and lampredotto, rabbit, chicken and fried veggies, coccoli, polenta and fried cream.

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