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from september 20th to january 25th

With the Mercato Centrale at Pablo's Home

The exhibition “Picasso and Spanish modernity”, with its 90 incredible artworks by Picasso and other Spanish artists associated with him, is open from September 20 until January 25.


The Mercato Centrale Firenze gets dressed originally to celebrate the event: the artisans of the first floor shops – together with their portraits in the style of Picasso – are ready to encounter art lovers, curious people, beauty eaters and gourmands.


An interesting partnership plays a key role for the Mercato Centrale and Palazzo Strozzi. If you stop by the Info point on the first floor of the Mercato Centrale you can get your 15% discount coupon to visit the exhibition, and asking for the special map of the Mercato Centrale at the ticket office of Palazzo Strozzi you can pick up your special gadget by presenting it at the Info point of the Mercato Centrale

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