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A new cultural challenge for Mercato Centrale Firenze presents the innovative sound project with on-air extension on Tuesday 5 July at 11.30am. The presentation marks the start of a season of unusual music events ranging from live acoustics to crossover dj sets, featuring classical music, jazz, beatboxing and noise music.


This July, thanks to the broad vision of its managing director Domenico Montano, the first floor of the San Lorenzo markettakes on a clear new sound identity, reinforcing its reputation as a quality venue and becoming an extended stage for ongoing events and radio broadcasts.


The market’s sound experimentation confirms and establishes the space’s urban and cultural character, which through the artistic direction of sound designer Alessio Bertallot aims to bring music inside the market and take the Mercato outside the market.


Alongsidemusic experts Giacomo De PoliandLivioMagnini, Bertallot presents for Mercato Centrale a repertoire of unique Italianmusic, ranging from pop to historical to the contemporary. The tracks are played with the original “slow music” formula, whichintervals the single songs with long pauses that bring the social sounds of the Mercato back to the surface, reminding us of the beauty and history of Italian music, whilst also promoting the venue’s natural noises.


Three generations of Italian lyricists, Mogol, Ron and Ghemon, will attend the launch of the sound project to emphasize the uniqueness and cultural promotion conducted by MCF. Up on the Terrazza of Ristorante Tosca the three artists exchange in a musical dialoguewithAlessio Bertallot and take turns at the console, serving up piping hot tracks to assure a truly unique listening experience.


On air from 10am to midnight, Radio Mercato Centrale switches between live broadcasts of music and the market’s sounds recorded live, sparking a creative process that is news and narrative at the same time. In between come fragments of commentary by intellectuals, artists and figures of the 19th-century Italian culture, that appear like thoughts suspended in the marketspace.


Live events welcome top musicians and names in the history of Italian music, who become djsfor a slow taste of their music to be heard directly in the Mercato, via the webradio and the Mercato Centrale app, available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Culture in all its forms, its broadcasting and widespread sharing have always been the added value of the Mercato Centrale Firenze experience.

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